About This Blog

I’m a pretty ordinary person, living a pretty ordinary life…except I have a huge obsession I can’t seem to kick. Travel. It’s my passion, it’s my life and it’s a wonderful thing. Every time I set forward on another journey, I learn more about life, the world and myself than I ever thought possible.


Sometimes I find it hard to understand why many people don’t share this passion. But then…just because it may not be what everybody around you seems to be doing, it doesn’t mean you’re going the wrong way. And anyway….so what if you are? What does it really matter? Walk against the herd. Swim upstream. Dare to be different. Somebody needs to be.


Travel makes you richer in ways nobody can ever take away from you. Those memories. Those experiences. They will stay with you forever. Nobody can steal them. You don’t just loose them. They become a part of you. They change you. And that’s a wonderful thing.


This blog is a selection of random ramblings from various corners of the globe. Filled with wonderful places and people, I want to share some of my experiences. And this way…I don’t forget. I remember not to be sucked back into line. I remember to get back out there. To live life. And not just exist.

4 Responses to About This Blog

  1. Laughing Mom says:

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. You have been so many interesting places! Perhaps you could post what type of employment you are looking for / where you live? Someone with some connections or a job opening might be following your blog!

  2. There is NOTHING as wonderful as travel, right? Congratulations on your job– I hope it gives you a big enough pay check and plenty of time off so that you can buy another plane ticket and explore a new corner of the world.
    Thanks for following my blog! I will visit here again.
    Debka (at HomenDunRoamin)

  3. thank you so much for dropping by and following my blog 🙂

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