Unite and Bike Against Cancer


Please help me to raise money for the Children’s Cancer and Leukaemia Group (CCLG)

Although childhood cancer treatment is rightly regarded as a great success, it should not be forgotten that, still today, three out of ten children diagnosed with cancer will not survive their disease. The ultimate aim of CCLG is to maximise cure while minimising the early and late side effects of treatment. Research is essential in order to advance understanding and knowledge, and for improving diagnosis, outcome and treatment of all children with cancer.

In October, I will cycle 400km across Tanzania in an attempt to raise over £3000 for this well worthy cause. This is a challenge that is very close to my heart. I am doing this for some very special children whom I have been lucky enough to spend a significant amount of time with during the past year. A courageous and smart little soldier who never once lost his wicked sense of humour despite all that he had to endure. A beautiful but fragile little angel whose smile could light up an entire room. A cheeky and cheerful five year old girl who refuses to give up the fight and just wants to be mummy’s little helper again. A football maniac, who still manages to have more energy than me despite all his operations; and a brave young girl with the biggest imagination I have ever known!

These children go through unimaginable distress on a daily basis, and I cannot bear the thought of any more of them losing the battle. Please help me to raise as much sponsorship as I can for my mad and perhaps slightly ridiculous decision to cycle 400km (250 miles!) across Tanzania in just 5 days. Did I mention I have not set my bum on a bike since I was about 7 years old?! I am yet to set foot in a gym. And I am slightly fearful of being chased by a pack of lions whilst over there! Yes, I know it’s going to be a tough week. And I know it’s going to be tough to raise this money. But the bravery of these young children has inspired me to stay positive, to stay hopeful, and to never give up. This is for them. Over the next few months I will organise some fundraising events and set up a Just Giving page for online donations. If anyone has any great fundraising ideas, I would love to hear them. Any support/ideas would be much appreciated!



About littlelor

Recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime, I have crazy stories to share with anyone who is interested!
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3 Responses to Unite and Bike Against Cancer

  1. Amazing . So proud of you Lor , I will be sponsoring you xxx

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