Surviving Thai School

Surviving Thai School

My first lesson in Thailand. The boss of Tantiwatra School ushered me through the door to my new classroom, then quickly turned and ran away. Yes RAN away. I was filled with apprehension, but really how hard could it be? It was only a class of 6-7 years olds. I’d managed that before. Everything would surely be fine. This, as it turned out, was wishful thinking.

Stepping out in front of the whiteboard, I was greeted by a little boy flinging off his clothes. He pounced from table to table, spinning in circles whilst growling under his breath. Apparently it is entirely possible for a young boy to possess all the mannerisms of the Tasmanian Devil.

What the hell was I supposed to do? I could hardly rugby tackle a naked child to the floor! As I stared on in disbelief, a riot unfolded among the rest of the students. Two boys were fighting each other with sharp steel rulers. They ducked and dived amongst the chairs and their rulers suddenly become guns. The sound of explosives bounced around the room. I had to admire them for their creativity. One boy raced around my new, tidy classroom scattering brightly coloured alphabet letters in every corner. Three girls were jumping up and down, screeching out the only English they could remember: ‘Loving you too much, so much, very much right now!!!’ A chubby little boy sat in the corner munching on seaweed sheets whilst a tiny little girl began kart wheeling frantically in the direction of my laptop.

This was going to be more work than I’d anticipated!


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Recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime, I have crazy stories to share with anyone who is interested!
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