Top Snacks at 7-Eleven

Top Snacks at 7- Eleven

(Bravely tried and tested by Rebecca Kean)

It’s that time of day again…lunchtime. The roadside food shacks are all closed due to the Thai’s enjoying another naptime. There is nothing in the fridge, since the fridge decided to transform into an iceberg and leak all over the kitchen floor. And the school dinners look about as appetising as maggot-infested teabags.

But before panic sets in and your stomach starts to eat itself, remember the first thing you learned when moving to Thailand. When you find yourself in desperate times of need…you can always rely on your local 7- Eleven.

Here are just some examples of the weird and wonderful delights available for the picking:

1. Shredded Pork Floss. This tasty treat is available in a various forms.
Sandwich, bun…or even sprinkles! Why not try sprinkling over your morning
muesli to give it an added kick?


2. Chinese Boiled Eggs. They’re brown. They are supposedly eggs. And they cook      them in the shop for you! Best eaten straight out of the bag.


3. Banana Cake. A firm Farang favourite. Just ask Francis, who would probably be unable to get through the average day without one of these delicious delights.


4. Cornetto Royale. If its good enough for the King, its good enough for


5. Big sheet Seaweed. Who in their right mind would choose to eat a product that even the Japanese cartoon dude cant stomach?….Becky?!


Of course, despite all these wonderfully appetizing products- be warned. You may have the misfortune of stumbling across something that leaves a nasty taste in your mouth…


About littlelor

Recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime, I have crazy stories to share with anyone who is interested!
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