Top Tips on surviving Hat Yai

Hat Yai is to Thailand what Crewe is to England. An absolute shit hole! In line with our TEFL ‘heaven’ experience, we got to spend a month here…lucky us! Now if anybody ever finds themselves the misfortune of having to spend time in this oh so delightful place, I have taken the liberty of writing a list of essential survival tips. These are all things I wished someone had told me before I had to find out the hard way.

Rules for surviving in Hat Yai:

  1. Do not wear heels in Hat Yai. You will get mistaken for a prostitute.

2.   Do not attempt to go to a bar. You will end up in a brothel

  1. Do  develop the mindset of a hamster. Then running up and down the stairs      everyday will not seem so bad.
  1. Do  not eat. It will make you ill. And unable to move.
  1. Do make sure you get off a motorbike taxi on the correct side. This is to avoid the dreaded Thai Tattoo becoming burnt onto your leg.
  1. Do remember that the credit card comes out of the cash point last. Richard!
  1. Do avoid cooking raw meat at the BBQ place. You will probably poison yourself.
  1. Do  be aware that there will be the occasional bomb threat.

9. Do try your best to enjoy terrible karaoke. You will be hearing a lot of it.

  1. Do develop superhuman lungs of steel. Living here is probably worse for your lungs      than smoking 50 packs of cigarettes a day.

About littlelor

Recently returned from the adventure of a lifetime, I have crazy stories to share with anyone who is interested!
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